This is a temporary list of members and their council roles

Name Role ( / Committee) Active
Gruffy supervisors Yes
Tamlin supervisors Yes
Slog s-192 Agenda Yes
Njord s121 Review Yes
wolfkarst FB70 Talax Wiki / Agenda Retired
Cpb4 Agenda Yes
Dark_Jo S121 Review Yes
Valkris - s121 #3936 Wiki / Review Yes
Smuggy Muggy Agenda Yes
Prime FB64 Agenda Yes
Kikyon - FB 175 Wiki / Agenda Yes
Gunnar s9 tellar prime Wiki / Review Yes
Vashanka - s132 Wiki / Review Yes
Elem FB-175 Mislen Agenda Retired
ReyOfLight-FB111 Review Yes
1331 - s138 Review Yes
Senza S130 Review Yes
Phoenix Review Yes
reddington Wiki / Review Yes
C0rupted Review Yes
Cobs Agenda Yes
Lashedtodeck Review Yes
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