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740Shuttlle-indicatordokuDescription of Shuttle-Notifier:

Way 1 (Minimum - Notifier that any Shuttle has been linked to a ship): if any Shuttle if linked to an Ship, a red dot is displayed over the Shuttle -Button in the Lower Menue.
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Button with Red Dot)
Way 2 (Better - Notifier with number of Ships hasw been link to a ship.): if any Shuttle if linked to an Ship, a red dot is displayed over the Shuttle -Button in the Lower Menue. Over this red dot will be a number displayed, which correspond to the Number of Shuttles being linked to a Ship.
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Button with Red Dot and Number)
Way 3 (Best - Notifier like Way 2 with ability for a fast unlink.) if any Shuttle if linked to an Ship, a red dot is displayed over the Shuttle -Button in the Lower Menue. Over this red dot will be a number displayed, which correspond to the Number of Shuttles being linked to a Ship. If a Player clicks on the red dot, all Shuttles will unlink at once and the Fleet will fight without them.
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Button with Red Dot and Number)
Way 4 (Optimal - Notifier like Way 2 and additional Buttons for link all and unlink all in the Shuttle menue.) if any Shuttle if linked to an Ship, a red dot is displayed over the Shuttle -Button in the Lower Menue. Over this red dot will be a number displayed, which correspond to the Number of Shuttles being linked to a Ship. Inside the Shuttle menue should be two buttons. The first button will unlink all Shuttles from the ships, but store their position. (Which Shuttle has been linked to which ship) The Second button will relink the Shuttles to the Ships by using the stored positions.
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Button with Red Dot and Number)
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Menue with Remove All and Equip-All Buttons from Ship-Menue)

Problem: When you are doing Looting, etc. you don't need the Shuttles but each fight the endurance of the shuttle will be lowered by 1 and when a ship explodes by 5. It makes it very easy to forget the shuttles loaded to the ships, which results in shuttle.loses because the endurance got to 0 and you don't have enough steel to repair it. Esp. for small/medium players it's very hard to get steel.
Solution 1: Install a quick switch for the Shuttles (Using shuttles On/Off)
Solution 2 : Make in Indicator like in the Picture which displays the number of shuttles in Service

*Reporter*: wolfkarst
735AI Tick Box for AI outside eventsdokuProposal in located within PDF attached.

Basic overview.

AI Option for the game (outside 3v3 and Cross server system battle)

To resolve issues for players that suffer high latency in normal game play. 
To be used in all areas, but to include;
* Scouts
* Trial
* Endless Trials
* Shuttle Mission

(This list could include all areas of the game including Interstellar's)

This must also include all PvP areas. Would work the same as it does in 3v3 and CSSB.


This is not to replace players clicking buttons and it is not an automatic button for trials. 

This button is there for players with high latency issues where they cannot use skills as there is no skill bar at the start of the battle and where the Computer AI (based on the server) always has the advantage.

This will ultimately help smaller players, and large, in places which they couldn't compete because of the advantage the AI has over them due to latency. The player would have the choice to play manual or on AI, but ultimately they would have the choice. 
807Interstellar MerchantdokuThe Exchange rewards are so bad that nobody in the right mind would trade items which are worth more that what you receive in return.
For example, destroy 1200 Enhanced equipment chips (= 6,000,000 metal) for for 6 small emblems, which then buys you 10,000 metal.
I know my maths are not off but I think if you need the metal, or anything else, the conversion just isn't good enough. If it was an exchange rate of 3 enhanced equipment pieces for 1 small emblem it would actually still be 18,000 metal but people may actually want to exchange things for other things instead.
This could also be linked to common currency as well.

It may have been an accident to have this cycle through but clearly something has to change, or somebody needs to rethink what items actually cost as players feel not listened to.
748Player gifts for birthdays and christmasdokuMany players have indicated that would greatly appreciate getting a nice reward for their birthday and christmas as many other games also include this feature, freely without prompting. I think this one might be worth discussing and sending to the devs as its fairly straight forward, they can only say yes or no on this topic.2018-05-30T20:24:04-07:002019-05-15T12:25:34-07:00
763Growth fund improvementsdokuunfortunately I started coining after I reached lvl60, so I lost out on the chance to get the growth fund. My alt account got into the growth fund, and loved it, but it stops giving rewards after lvl50, but it is still displayed in the event items with "forever" tag.
I would like
1) keep giving out growth fund rewards for higher levels, 60,70,80, 85 etc
2) allow players who never got into growth fund to join a similar growth fund
3) advertise the growth fund more!!
729Item Inventory PlacementdokuRequest: Create an event items tab and assign all event items to that tab and move them out of the main inventory tab

Request 2: Move all chip related items to the chip tab (Chip Fragments)

Request 3: Move all the officer badge items to the Badges Tab (Korvac/Random officers etc)

Request 4: To make space remove the CROSS Tab and leave those items in master inventory (there aren't but 3 or so items and its a terrible use of tab)

Request 5: Move Disrupter, phaser and antiproton cannon debris to Normal

Request 6: Turn keys, Mithril and repair kits into a sub view item per screenshot (as an idea)

Request 7: Move general officer badges to badges tab

Overall the basic request is to make inventory make sense and less cluttered. It is okay when you start but after a while it can get crazy and makes little sense trying to find items.
730AI Matching in 3v3 - AI FirstdokuCurrently, during 3v3, if you match with all AI, 3 to fight against and 2 on your team you end up in the bottom spot of the team. Meaning you have to watch the AI's fight each other before you get a chance, and that can take much longer than we all like. Even if you are matched with another player and then an AI, you end up with the AI player going first still.

My proposal is that they alter the coding of AI battles to either put the player first, OR, make it so that the player has a chance of not being last.

*Reporter*: Kikyon
746New Cross-server Event IdeadokuSummary: Event-Idea : Battle of the Titans
GS puts once a week a fleet from Lillyan, Gruffy or Tam to the Contest for each Servergroup.
The Players in the Servergroup can volunteer on Monday to fight against this fleet.
On Tuesday to Thursday they can vote their favour Volunteer and can Place bets (in Metall max 100k per Day) on the result. (GS wins / Player Wins) with each 100k-Metall-Bet the Durability of the each ship in the Fleet will raise at 1k.
On Friday to Sunday there will be three fights. (Also further bets can be placed). The Winner of 2 Fights will be the "Titan-Player".
The Players will get a reward of 10k Crystals for each 100k metall they have bet on the "Titan-Player" ... submitted on behalf of Wolfkarst
756Entering Squad-BOSS after the 3 free attemptsdokuAfter you have Done the 3 free attempts on the Squad-BOSS, you can only reenter it, if you pay 10 Credits for another attempt. Even for a Squad-Leader it is impossible to watch the progress after the 3 attempts have been made.
A free entry would be better. (And buying another attempts is currently possible inside)

*Reporter*: wolfkarst
760Enhancement Request: Mail CSSB Participation Rewards when Obtained instead of "GET"dokuI already posted in forum long time back:

I travel a lot, and some time zones are not good for collecting the last xsb total score rewards on Sunday, just after last XSB.

The time window for collecting the best reward from Xsb is only 80 minutes long! so I have missed out on 1200 score reward more than once!

Please mail those rewards, 80 minute window is too little.
789Inter-Server-ChatdokuRewrite Proposal


Main Objectives


Allow players from Cross servers to be able to contact GameHelpers and each other by game mail.




The main proposal is for players to be able to contact GameHelpers and each other within the cross server group. This would allow players to contact GameHelpers, to give them game support, and their friends within the server and give them much needed communication between servers so players can organise their game play for cross server events.




With the extra communication players can contact GameHelpers, their friends, and team members of cross server events. This communication would enhance the role of GameHelper because more people would be able to contact them with questions and problems within the game.

Original Proposal.



It would be nice, if we can Chat in normal gameplay also between Servers.
Currently i can Chat with Players from other Servers only while i am in CSSB or 3VS3.

*Reporter*: wolfkarst
826Stormy Sector AwardsdokuThey like the idea of the event but it doesn’t run long enough for them to want to invest in it. The players asked for it to be ongoing at all times.

Another suggestion is to allow the items to carry over
825New Items in the Discount ShopdokuNew items are not obtainable by grinding or playing the game. ** THIS IS A PAY OPTION NOT A GRINDY OPTION**

After an item is released for so long, we should add a way to get obtain it from regular play. The chances do not need to be high or easy to get but there should be another way after at the very least 90 days from release.

Example: Formation Blue Prints, shards etc.
800Officer training - new featuredokuas badges for certain officers are hard to obtain without purchasing could we not have a feature where the officer could earn these...

The officer would have to be taken of the fleet... this can be for various periods i.e. 4 - 24 hours.. during this time the officer cannot be used.

Depending on the time selected would award different amounts of badges.

You would also have to donate different amounts of resources for the time slots, Metal, crystal and Syn definitely ... maybe also duet??

Revenue opportunity - They can charge creds to reduce training time... i.e 100 credits 5% reduction, 500 creds 35%, 1000 creds 85%
They could also do a special rate where you can pay to upgrade the amount of badges earned if you pay with creds.

Benefit to players - those that cannot afford to purchase the badges will be able to level up there officers over time, as they would not be able to use officer they would also have to sacrifice str whilst doing so.

I would say that they would still need to ensure that it would take time to achieve a max lvl officer, for example if the player wanted to spend boosting take 3 months, this way those that do spend would have to sacrifice an officer for this period, and also the cost of doing this would more likely be greater than the cost to purchase the badges :)

*Reporter*: Nathan - S192 - mislen
782In-game typos and grammardokuIt has come to my attention from a player on my server that the in-game typos and grammar mistakes is making it more difficult for individuals with conditions such as dyslexia to read in-game notifications, descriptions, names etc. As amusing as the typos can be for people who do not have dyslexia or other conditions that can affect the ability to process information through text, it is a problem when it causes more difficulties for individuals who are already having difficulties reading a text. The number of typos and grammatical errors in the game are too many to list apart from the known ones like for example Emeny, but one example right now is "Dicount" when looking at the information for the 4-star officer event.

I would greatly appreciate if someone working close to the developer team could take a moment or two and just proofread things in the game and correct the mistakes so that the accessibility of the game improves for people who have reading difficulties. This is especially important for descriptions of things like weapons, skills, ships and officers where understanding or not understanding the information about something directly impacts your game play.

Typos and grammar mistakes may also have a negative impact for individuals who don't speak or understand English very well and hence may need to use a translating service such as Google Translate to understand certain words and sentences properly. Star Trek Alien Domain has players from all over the world and many do not have English as their first language.


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Open Issues from Players

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714Torpedo UI Issue inTorpedo appears to take additional from the UI during the cooldown .. when you exit the battle it shows the correct amount but the problem is that during the fight if you use >5 torpedos then you cannot fire because the UI shows 02018-04-16T13:50:45-07:002021-02-26T05:38:53-08:00
914New Hermes Ship GlitchedI am receiving reports that the new ship, Hermes, is constantly rebirthing and causing time-out battles in vs.2021-01-21T15:57:25-08:002021-01-21T15:57:25-08:00
913top up on mini client12020-11-02T13:53:49-08:002020-11-02T13:53:49-08:00
912top up on mini clientA few years back I switched my acct from facebook to a GS server. Now, using the mini client, it is forcing me to use the old facebook server to log in. The major problem with this is if I want to do any top ups etc, I have to do it through facebook. I have ZERO faith in facebook and that is why I moved away from their servers to begin with.
If Ngames wants money, they have to rethink this. I will not be doing payments for anything through facebook.
911Megalith ship in Borg InvasionreyoflightThe affiliate ship Megalith will instantly kill the Borg cube regardless of Borg level, and it doesn't matter which of the fleets the Megalith is sitting on. If someone uses Megalith on any of their fleets during Borg Invasion, the Borg dies instantly and this ruins the already too infrequent event for everyone on the server, just because of ONE person using one specific ship. Something needs to be done immediately when it comes to how this one ship works on the Borg Invasion as it's not fair to anyone that just one person can ruin an event for everyone on a server, and at the same time it's not fair for people who have the Megalith ship to have to remove it from the fleet just for participating in the Borg Invasion.2019-11-11T19:38:34-08:002020-08-21T02:10:15-07:00
876It has been reported that some people are possibly getting more rewards in V/B than actually earned.drisshaSometimes a V/B battle report is issuing double wins on the battle screen. It has become a concern that this is rewarding extra points for players not actually earning rewards, thus giving players more win points for totals.2019-01-17T09:24:20-08:002020-06-16T06:39:57-07:00
873Chat Entry Limitation - No visual indicatorTamlinWith the chat being so little, there is no counter to show when its full and the text box does not prevent users from entering more than they should.

After a user types their message they are often met with a "TOO LONG" message and they have to back space 1 by 1 to figure out how long it can be.

No matter the length of input allowed users should have some sort of counter of chars so they know when they hit the limit.
880In the affiliate lineup tab selection, Affiliate ship bonus is not changing when swithching between fleets.drisshaWhen you view you affiliates bonus stats assigned to the flagship, it is not changing the display to Fleets 2,3,4. It always remains on fleet 1 . The stats should change between fleets as different bonuses are applied to each fleet. You can never know what the bonus is to fleet 2,3 and 4. This is important to fleet building . It is always displaying mapping from fleet 12019-02-01T11:38:38-08:002019-05-22T00:14:09-07:00
869Battle Report Date different from Server DateBattle reports for Incursion are showing a different date to Server date, see attached image, so todays date is 8th Jan 2019 which is what server date is showing, however, open the battle report and it shows todays date as the 19th December 2018 - - any battles completed on todays date just show as a time but battles on previous days show the date the battle took place - image shows battles taken part in today as a time but battles from yesterday as a date, notice the date on the report2019-01-08T11:18:17-08:002019-05-21T06:55:21-07:00
872Make the chat character line capable of holding more charactersdrisshaIt would be a huge help would be if you could increase the number of characters we can type in chat input
It is really annoying to constantly have to delete chars because we typed too many to post.
STAD chat input allows longer lines of characters, and it would be nice to have the same amount
881Text refers to having 2x chances to reset the transition warsdrisshaIn the description rule 5. it refers to having 2x chances to reset the transition wars daily.
This is not possible as only 1 reset is made available in a 24 hr period
883Wrong text on officer card stating funtiion of abilitydrisshaThe officer card below refers to the text Intencity as part of the officers ability. There is no stat in the game that is referred to with intensity.. I believe this is a text error which would refer it to being re-named to expertise. clearly the stat as shown below lowers the EXPERTISE numbers of the ship2019-03-07T08:01:43-08:002019-05-19T23:56:17-07:00
882Strange glitching on screen every 20-20 secondsdrisshaWhen you are in your home colony screen, a strange glitch occurs every 10-20 seconds. It looks like lightning across top of screen2019-03-01T05:47:46-08:002019-05-19T23:52:01-07:00
877Text descriptions are reversed on interstellar market and interstellar trade. They need to be reverseddrisshaFunctional text descriptions are reversed on two building's .2019-01-18T09:17:24-08:002019-05-16T00:14:20-07:00
879Daily Score Shining in BountykikyonThe Daily Score button lights up as if you have something to claim during each stage of a bounty, but there is nothing to claim until you finish the bounty. Should be fixed to only shine when the bounty is completed and the 20 points are added to your score.2019-01-20T09:48:20-08:002019-05-06T14:27:20-07:00
875Worf Officer EventkikyonTO COMMUNICATION TEAM:

The event for WORF continues to reset and all relationship progress you've made with that event is reset as well. Very discouraging and way harder to get badges in an already hard to get event.
874Squad tab issue with tax and on-line status overlappingdrisshaThe is a visual error when viewing Sqad tab members list . Text overflow is overlapping what should(i think) be a green indicator light.2019-01-13T02:40:05-08:002019-01-21T13:09:09-08:00
871SQUAD Leader TakeoverTamlinTamlin, I have a very serious issue in the game and I need your help. Our former squad leader tried to contact support but they didn't even understand the issue. So here it is:

Until today I was Vice Leader of my squad "Not Star Fleet" on FB73 / S90. It is the only active squad left on the server. Our leader "EricJH" had to be gone for several days for personal reasons. As you know, if a leader is gone for a while the leadership becomes open and available to whoever wants to buy it and that only someone with a higher contribution total can take it away from whomever bought it. Apparently the leader spot became available last night and "taz666" bought the leadership. Up to this point everything was done within the rules and there was no wrongdoing. Here is where everything went wrong. Normally, as I said before, anyone with a higher Squad contribution total than him could have taken the Leader spot from him and I had the highest contribution total of everyone in the squad. Unfortunately, the first thing that "taz666" did was kick me out of the squad since he knew I could take it from him. when I discovered what had happened this morning, I rejoined the squad.
However, my contribution total was reset to zero. No new leader should be allowed to kick anyone out during the 72 hour countdown. His actions deprived me of my chance to buy the leadership and violates what Is stated in the rules for buying the leadership. Since then, 2 other members have tried to buy the leadership. I want my contribution total restored so I can purchase the leadership. You should be able to see my total somewhere in your system. I want it restored immediately.

I know you are limited in what you can do but please get this to the one that can fix this. Thank you
718Winning Ship in new crate event gives a new starship crateTamlinIf you win a ship currently it will drop a starship crate instead of the ship.

So imagine this, buy 200 crates, open them all and win 5 ships. You will have 5 more starship crates in your inventory.

When you win it gives you a crate not the ship (possibly the wrong ID associated with a win? hard to say). No alert either.


Issues In Review

Project: Star Trek Council - Filter Team (6) - Issues: 20

910Two minute timer on boss (exploit)reyoflightWe have a two minute timer in boss to get a better flow of people through the event and prevent people from hitting the boss for say 5-10 minutes. This is all great and all, except for people getting around the time limit by using M'lara/Eliza on their fleet, and said officer rebirths on K'Orvac's skill shot which means they can keep battling past the two minute mark, and at times keep rebirthing several times AFTER K'Orvac has fired off his two minute skill shot that SHOULD mean the end of the battle for that person.

Quite frankly: Turn OFF rebirth and ANY other rebirth like passive or skill from ships and officers at the two minute mark. NOTHING should be immune to, or get past the two minute skill shot. What someone does within their two minutes does not matter, but the two minute skill shot needs to be a definite end of battle regardless of what ships and officers someone uses. It is not acceptable that people can exploit the two minute limit by using certain officers and/or ships on their fleets. Two minute limit means two minute limit, at two minutes everything should stop working and get blown up by K'Orvac to let someone else take a turn.
909Boss that matches current fleetsreyoflightBattling K'Orvac should be a fun and hopefully somewhat challenging server event where the factions work together to bring down the boss. This worked well at the time where K'Orvac was initially introduced into the game when our ships had a comparably low damage output if comparing then and now. Today we have much more powerful ships, much more powerful equipment and much more powerful officers, and if each of those things are put together in a way where ship passives and officer skills work optimal together, it is possible for a player to take down a level 80 K'Orvac in just 3-4 turns as it is fully possible to hit between 500M to about 900M in just one turn with an optimized fleet setup.

If we can not have a boss for players that are level 90+ then can we at least have an increased level cap of K'Orvac so that he can go to for example level 95 which is our current captain level cap, or is it possible to increase the durability of a level 80 K'Orvac so that he lasts longer and become at least a bit of a challenge again?

I do not know how common it is game wide for a single player to be able to hit close to 900M per turn, but I have seen such hits with my own eyes as I do have such a player on my server who is very good at making powerful setups. I just wish that the boss events become more inclusive again, so heavy hitters don't feel they can't take a turn, or can't take another turn because their high scores kills the boss too fast so others may miss to even take a turn on the boss.

We need the boss to match our current damage output as it is too easy today to kill a level 80 K'Orvac.
908Aron Einsberg STAD Memorial ProposallashedtodeckCreation of a NEW officer card to Remember the Late actor Aron Einsberg.

Please read the attached Proposal.
907Time stamp for chatreyoflightMissing a time stamp for chat messages in Incursion. A time stamp helps as you can then see when a message was posted in the chat. As it is now you sit there and see a message but there's no way of knowing if it was sent a minute ago or hours ago if you have many tabs open and don't spend all day actually looking at the Incursion screen. A time stamp for chat messages would also help in the event of someone needing to contact support regarding someone's behavior in game, as it can then be seen when the chat was ongoing in a screenshot. A time stamp in chat would help both players and game support. We can see if a chat message is current or old, and it's easier to investigate behavior in case such cases occur.2019-08-25T16:05:36-07:002019-11-04T14:23:10-08:00
893Mission tracking at lvl 91+reyoflightMission tracking upon reaching captain level 91 in STAD has this one mission where we need to put a level 85 officer on fleet to progress. This can not be done currently as only 5* officers can be leveled past level 82, and hence this mission excludes a majority of players as only relatively few, regardless of spending, have 5 star officers at such a high level- be it a 4 star officer that has been upgraded to 5 stars, or be it an officer that was 5 stars originally. Mission tracking missions HAS to be obtainable for ALL players regardless of how much or how little they have been spending in the game, and on what. By having a mission that can only be completed with one type of officer, a majority of players are excluded from being able to progress further and this is not ok, especially not for a mission tracking mission.

A possible solution to this issue would be to require you to have 4 level 82 officers on fleet to progress, which gives you a choice of using ANY officers in game, or raise the level cap of 1-3 star officers so that they too can go past level 82 and which would also allow players to use up some of their many random officer badges that many have a lot of by now, something that would also put value back into the officer exchange. Both options means people may have to work some to complete the mission, but it would at least make it obtainable for ALL players and not just the top few percent who have managed to get a 5 star officer to level 85 or above.
906Background music in IncursionreyoflightThe in-game music and sounds start playing most of the time when you load or reload Incursion, even though you have your sounds set to "OFF" up in the left corner. This has been ongoing for weeks now and it is extremely annoying. If anyone wanted to hear the in-game sounds, they wouldn't have the sounds turned OFF to begin with. This happens in normal browser mode where your game is not freshly loaded the way it is if running it in incognito mode, hence the music should be OFF if you have selected it to be OFF, and it should only ever start playing if you choose to have it ON, or if you play the game in incognito mode where a fresh copy is loaded each time and hence doesn't have your personal preferences saved.2019-08-25T15:56:24-07:002019-10-22T09:00:42-07:00
905Durability Chips coming back into game.lashedtodeckAt the moment some players have just one durability chip because it was a free giveaway. What I propose is that the Durability chips fully enter the game and game be won as a Random chip within the current levels of the Trials.

These Chips should only enter as random when a player gets to Nightmare stages, and they should be only level 1 chips. The reason for them to start as level 1 chips is because it will mean players will have to level them up to level 8. This will mean player would have to use the Chip Fragments to level up the chips, and it would bring life back into a dead part of the game.

The random nature of trials could mean a player gets a chip once every 5 levels, or a different chip altogether or nothing at all.

The durability chip was introduced and then left out of the game, this chip could have been a game changer for many low level players that could not manage to do something but adding the durability chip in any level of trials would help all players and it should have been added years ago.
904Key binds movedreyoflightThe key binds have been moved not just once, but twice in the past few days, and it's messing up with players ability to play manually as people may have over 4 years of muscle memory to deal with. It was bad enough with the torpedo skill and secondary weapon changing keys with each other, but now it's both that change AND PN and Overload that has changed position with each other, so now we have PN on W and Overload on Q, then secondary weapon on R and torpedo on T, and there is no way for players to change anything except for where they have their two weapon skills depending on which slot they choose for each weapon. For example someone using a full level 85 set on flag, you can choose to have Pandoras Box on E or R (but should be E or T) depending on if they put that weapon in slot 1 or in slot 2. But for everything else, there's no way of changing where a skill is fired from.

PN belongs on Q, overload on W, primary weapon on E, torpedo on R and secondary weapon on T as this is a lot more ergonomic and something players are used to from a long time of playing the game. Changing key binds is not just awkward for players, but also messes with muscle memory and finger layout. To take myself as an example and that is not unique by any means, my boss finger setup will now be Q, R, T instead of W, R, T and this will be the case for many people. Even if we put the secondary weapon in the first weapon slot it will be very awkward with Q, E, T
Also for ergonomic reasons it's often better to have a turret in the primary weapon position, yet the "equip all" always puts the cannon in that slot which can be very awkward for people who use full sets and where the turret of a set is the big AOE skill and cannon is a smaller single target skill such as Titans arrow or multishot. It makes more sense to have PN, overload, AOE skill on Q, W, E keys as it allows for rapid firing manually, and gives a good finger layout for boss battles where you would normally only use overload, torpedoes and a single target skill such as Titans arrow or multishot.

The torpedo and secondary weapon changing keys can be manageable and people can re-learn with time, but PN and overload changing keys just does NOT work as it is too awkward and gives a terrible finger layout which is also very uncomfortable and outright painful!
903Squad leadership takeoverreyoflightThere is currently no way of taking over the squad if the squad leader is inactive for an extended amount of time. This is an issue because that means squads run without active leadership if a squad leader chooses to leave the game for an extended period of time or permanently, and hence the remaining players are deprived of taking part in events such as Faction War as it relies on active leadership. There is a text stating that if a squad leader is offline for 120 hours, they will be deposed automatically so someone else can take over, but this is just not happening so squads run for a long time without leadership or with only a vice leader that can not take over the leadership to keep the squad alive.

Here is a screenshot of the information text about squad, but #3 just does not happen when a leader is no longer playing or is offline for an extended amount of time:
896Dealer credits needed for refreshing the dealer,do not match the actual valuedrisshaDealer text pop up for credit refresh cost is not matching the numerical value asked2019-06-09T19:19:50-07:002019-10-22T08:59:18-07:00
885Why are members names have a stroke across name and why do they no longer have member acessWhy are members names have a stroke across name and why do they no longer have member acess. as a member of counsil I no longer can Get into mantis using member name and password2019-05-06T06:53:43-07:002019-10-22T08:59:03-07:00
884V/B battle crashing Browser when timer ending for tournamentdrisshaThe browser is crashing when the V/b timer is ending causing browser to crash2019-03-18T20:53:34-07:002019-10-22T08:58:48-07:00
878SuggestiondrisshaIt has been suggested to allow donations of dilithium to the squadron banks.2019-01-18T09:22:47-08:002019-10-22T08:58:30-07:00
870Squad - Vice Leader PermissionTamlinAllow Leaders to assign a permission that gives Vice Leaders the ability to refresh the squad shop.2019-01-08T12:10:35-08:002019-10-22T08:58:13-07:00
902Faction War Upgrade Only one running at one timedrisshaA cool down time between each faction war is recommended to prevent more than one faction war to take place at one time. This will stop people from exploiting the system and gaining an unfair advantage. (If more than 2 faction wars are started it makes game play pointless)
At the moment there can be an unlimited amount of faction wars at the same time which spoils the game play. If there was a cool down time between faction wars it would prevent multiple faction wars taking place at the same time which would allow players to enjoy the game a little more, as they would be able to take part better in the faction wars. As the game only has 2 factions Federation and Dominion there should be only one faction war at one time, so a 5 minutes cool down should apply between wars.
A cool down between faction wars could be a better way to attract more faction wars being brought into the game and create more content for players as people could participate in a faction war after the cool down has finished.

At the same time, prevent faction wars from:

• Run when other events are running.

A good timed system could be put in place that would prevent leaders creating faction wars when other game play is taking place.

Players want game play and also want to enjoy content which is already in the game, so any faction wars should not be taking place at the same time as set events.

• We also recommend that there is a 66-minute timer put in place that would not allow creation of a Faction war before a set event is to take place.

This would not allow a faction war to start 66 minutes before a main event, so it means a Faction War can still be completed just before a main event, but it will also prevent somebody starting a faction war just before a main event in game.

A faction war once started can take up to 65 minutes to complete (including prep period) A 66-minute timer ensures the event can be completed before another event can begin.

• The reason for this 66-minute delay on creating a faction war before a main game event is because it helps create a better enjoyment within the game.

Nobody wants to do any event at the same time as a faction war as it removes the ability to take part.

In order to make up for lost hours due to timers, Faction wars could be extended to run 24 hrs, around the clock, and giving players more choices. Faction wars are fun and player should be able to choose times outside the existing events, from between 00.00 server time to 2250 server time, Last event can then start at 22.45 server time and would finish before the server refresh 23.59.

Please Remember this is about getting players to take part, and not pushing players away from good aspects of the game just because they cannot take part in events and faction wars just because at the moment they overlap and create conflicts between players who are in the same Squadrons who want to do the events and not just do conflict after conflict. The game has to be balanced between content and events. This would mean more players can take part in more things, and not just get abuse from angry Squadron members who demand they join a Faction wars, instead of doing events they enjoy.
887Suggestion: Random 8472 invasions in sectorsPlease see my suggestion under the below thread on yoru own forum
900Exchange shop for equipment does not contain selections for level 75 gearAnyanaThe exchange shop does not contain the gear for level 75 debris. The sector clash sector 18, 19, 20 give level 75 gear. When open Exchange - go to equipment - there is no level 75 gear to exchange debris with.2019-07-13T10:45:25-07:002019-07-22T04:44:14-07:00
899Squadron War / Faction Squadron War - stronghold tabs generate negative numbers unable to retake basesAnyanaDuring Squadron War - each stronghold has tabs which state the players on the bases as well as defense clones
Opposing teams take base - then defending team retakes the base -

Once the base is retaken - the stronghold tabs numerically begin to decrease into negative numerical values. Once negative numbers are displayed the Opposing team is UNABLE to retake the base back regardless of how many players they have or how strong they are.
It is at this point the Squadron War is broken.
901Borg Invasion timesreyoflightAt this time, there is only event of Borg invasion in STAD I per day, and that one event is at stupid o'clock for majority of players which means a lot of people rarely or never have the ability to participate or even try the event. In Central European Time the event starts at 04:00 (4am) which means people living anywhere in Europe can not participate without either staying up all night, or wake up just to participate and none of it is worth it. For players located in Asia the event is during office hours which means they can not participate due to being at work, for people in Australia and New Zealand it is again during office hours or when people are on their way home from work. For people in America the event is at 22:00 for people on the East Coast, a time where people may want to get to sleep. We need a second event of the Borg Invasion to open the event for more players time wise as today only a relatively few can take part due to time of event and their time zone.2019-07-15T12:39:07-07:002019-07-22T04:38:39-07:00
898Investigations Idea. Random Boss (a strong fleet) attacklashedtodeckWe already have investigations, however nobody is interested in doing them any more. To create a new idea, and to bring players back into wanting to play, we could have a Random (Big fleet)
attack the player attacking the investigation, instead of a weak fleet.

There would be a 33% change of hitting a big fleet, which could be set by the sectors, from the list we already have.
We recommend that 2 more sectors be added, which includes sector 24.

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