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0000718Star Trek Alien Domain - Issue ReportsFunctionalpublic2019-01-08 10:11
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000718: Winning Ship in new crate event gives a new starship crate

If you win a ship currently it will drop a starship crate instead of the ship.

So imagine this, buy 200 crates, open them all and win 5 ships. You will have 5 more starship crates in your inventory.

When you win it gives you a crate not the ship (possibly the wrong ID associated with a win? hard to say). No alert either.


Steps To Reproduce

Open star ship crate and win the ship. It will drop a crate in your inventory




2018-05-07 11:08


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Untitled56[1].jpg (20,985 bytes)


2018-05-07 11:34

administrator   ~0001314

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2018-05-14 10:06

administrator   ~0001315

This issue was resolved by: Maggie
Per the following:


  1. Adjusting Star Nebula Random Pack: This crate had an error in which it was giving additional crates as the prize; however, the Star Nebula was still obtainable. Instead of removing the crate prize, we will leave it in the prize pool and increase the Ship Star Nebula drop rate to cater to the players' demands.
    According to the number of Star Nebula Random Packs opened before the hot fix, we are making the following compensations:
    Players who have opened 300+ Star Nebula Random Packs will get 50 ship packs and 1Star Nebula.
    Players who have opened 100-300 Star Nebula Random Packs will get 20 ship packs and 1
    Star Nebula.
    Players who have opened 50-100 Star Nebula Random Packs will get 20 ship packs.