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0000911Star Trek Alien Domain - Issue ReportsFunctionalpublic2020-04-17 23:44
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Summary0000911: Megalith ship in Borg Invasion

The affiliate ship Megalith will instantly kill the Borg cube regardless of Borg level, and it doesn't matter which of the fleets the Megalith is sitting on. If someone uses Megalith on any of their fleets during Borg Invasion, the Borg dies instantly and this ruins the already too infrequent event for everyone on the server, just because of ONE person using one specific ship. Something needs to be done immediately when it comes to how this one ship works on the Borg Invasion as it's not fair to anyone that just one person can ruin an event for everyone on a server, and at the same time it's not fair for people who have the Megalith ship to have to remove it from the fleet just for participating in the Borg Invasion.

Steps To Reproduce

Put affiliate ship Megalith on any of the 4 fleets you have, and even a level 80 Borg Cube dies instantly.

Additional Information

This issue is causing major hostility on servers as just one person can ruin the entire event for the whole server by keeping the Megalith ship on either of their fleets for Borg Invasion.




2019-11-12 03:26

reporter   ~0001818

This was sent to me via another player


2019-11-12 09:17

reporter   ~0001819

Drissha, what's the name of that ship on the Dominion side? I only know the Federation name of it (Megalith)


2019-11-12 17:26

developer   ~0001821



2019-11-13 19:08

reporter   ~0001822

This is from tonight's Borg on S! - the individual was one and first shot killed borg - if you look at the score you can see that the Megalith shop on the fed side causes excess scoring does not matter the level of the player - the Dominion also have a ship that does the same thing - please ask Drissha which ship that is - Anyana


2019-11-13 19:13

reporter   ~0001823

Please verify with Dominion side but after asking the Ylax Kuga ship creates same issue - thank you Anyana


2019-11-13 19:25

developer   ~0001824

Both the faction have this problem, it will be fixed in the hotfix today.

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