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0000912Star Trek Alien Domain - Issue Reports[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-11-02 13:53
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Summary0000912: top up on mini client

A few years back I switched my acct from facebook to a GS server. Now, using the mini client, it is forcing me to use the old facebook server to log in. The major problem with this is if I want to do any top ups etc, I have to do it through facebook. I have ZERO faith in facebook and that is why I moved away from their servers to begin with.
If Ngames wants money, they have to rethink this. I will not be doing payments for anything through facebook.

Steps To Reproduce

Log in to a facebook server and click top up
Log in to a gs server and click top up.




2020-11-02 13:53    private

reporter   ~0001866


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