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740Shuttlle-indicatordokuDescription of Shuttle-Notifier:

Way 1 (Minimum - Notifier that any Shuttle has been linked to a ship): if any Shuttle if linked to an Ship, a red dot is displayed over the Shuttle -Button in the Lower Menue.
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Button with Red Dot)
Way 2 (Better - Notifier with number of Ships hasw been link to a ship.): if any Shuttle if linked to an Ship, a red dot is displayed over the Shuttle -Button in the Lower Menue. Over this red dot will be a number displayed, which correspond to the Number of Shuttles being linked to a Ship.
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Button with Red Dot and Number)
Way 3 (Best - Notifier like Way 2 with ability for a fast unlink.) if any Shuttle if linked to an Ship, a red dot is displayed over the Shuttle -Button in the Lower Menue. Over this red dot will be a number displayed, which correspond to the Number of Shuttles being linked to a Ship. If a Player clicks on the red dot, all Shuttles will unlink at once and the Fleet will fight without them.
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Button with Red Dot and Number)
Way 4 (Optimal - Notifier like Way 2 and additional Buttons for link all and unlink all in the Shuttle menue.) if any Shuttle if linked to an Ship, a red dot is displayed over the Shuttle -Button in the Lower Menue. Over this red dot will be a number displayed, which correspond to the Number of Shuttles being linked to a Ship. Inside the Shuttle menue should be two buttons. The first button will unlink all Shuttles from the ships, but store their position. (Which Shuttle has been linked to which ship) The Second button will relink the Shuttles to the Ships by using the stored positions.
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Button with Red Dot and Number)
(siehe Picture -> Picture of Shuttle-Menue with Remove All and Equip-All Buttons from Ship-Menue)

Problem: When you are doing Looting, etc. you don't need the Shuttles but each fight the endurance of the shuttle will be lowered by 1 and when a ship explodes by 5. It makes it very easy to forget the shuttles loaded to the ships, which results in shuttle.loses because the endurance got to 0 and you don't have enough steel to repair it. Esp. for small/medium players it's very hard to get steel.
Solution 1: Install a quick switch for the Shuttles (Using shuttles On/Off)
Solution 2 : Make in Indicator like in the Picture which displays the number of shuttles in Service

*Reporter*: wolfkarst
735AI Tick Box for AI outside eventsdokuProposal in located within PDF attached.

Basic overview.

AI Option for the game (outside 3v3 and Cross server system battle)

To resolve issues for players that suffer high latency in normal game play. 
To be used in all areas, but to include;
* Scouts
* Trial
* Endless Trials
* Shuttle Mission

(This list could include all areas of the game including Interstellar's)

This must also include all PvP areas. Would work the same as it does in 3v3 and CSSB.


This is not to replace players clicking buttons and it is not an automatic button for trials. 

This button is there for players with high latency issues where they cannot use skills as there is no skill bar at the start of the battle and where the Computer AI (based on the server) always has the advantage.

This will ultimately help smaller players, and large, in places which they couldn't compete because of the advantage the AI has over them due to latency. The player would have the choice to play manual or on AI, but ultimately they would have the choice. 
807Interstellar MerchantdokuThe Exchange rewards are so bad that nobody in the right mind would trade items which are worth more that what you receive in return.
For example, destroy 1200 Enhanced equipment chips (= 6,000,000 metal) for for 6 small emblems, which then buys you 10,000 metal.
I know my maths are not off but I think if you need the metal, or anything else, the conversion just isn't good enough. If it was an exchange rate of 3 enhanced equipment pieces for 1 small emblem it would actually still be 18,000 metal but people may actually want to exchange things for other things instead.
This could also be linked to common currency as well.

It may have been an accident to have this cycle through but clearly something has to change, or somebody needs to rethink what items actually cost as players feel not listened to.
748Player gifts for birthdays and christmasdokuMany players have indicated that would greatly appreciate getting a nice reward for their birthday and christmas as many other games also include this feature, freely without prompting. I think this one might be worth discussing and sending to the devs as its fairly straight forward, they can only say yes or no on this topic.2018-05-30T20:24:04-07:002019-05-15T12:25:34-07:00
763Growth fund improvementsdokuunfortunately I started coining after I reached lvl60, so I lost out on the chance to get the growth fund. My alt account got into the growth fund, and loved it, but it stops giving rewards after lvl50, but it is still displayed in the event items with "forever" tag.
I would like
1) keep giving out growth fund rewards for higher levels, 60,70,80, 85 etc
2) allow players who never got into growth fund to join a similar growth fund
3) advertise the growth fund more!!
729Item Inventory PlacementdokuRequest: Create an event items tab and assign all event items to that tab and move them out of the main inventory tab

Request 2: Move all chip related items to the chip tab (Chip Fragments)

Request 3: Move all the officer badge items to the Badges Tab (Korvac/Random officers etc)

Request 4: To make space remove the CROSS Tab and leave those items in master inventory (there aren't but 3 or so items and its a terrible use of tab)

Request 5: Move Disrupter, phaser and antiproton cannon debris to Normal

Request 6: Turn keys, Mithril and repair kits into a sub view item per screenshot (as an idea)

Request 7: Move general officer badges to badges tab

Overall the basic request is to make inventory make sense and less cluttered. It is okay when you start but after a while it can get crazy and makes little sense trying to find items.
730AI Matching in 3v3 - AI FirstdokuCurrently, during 3v3, if you match with all AI, 3 to fight against and 2 on your team you end up in the bottom spot of the team. Meaning you have to watch the AI's fight each other before you get a chance, and that can take much longer than we all like. Even if you are matched with another player and then an AI, you end up with the AI player going first still.

My proposal is that they alter the coding of AI battles to either put the player first, OR, make it so that the player has a chance of not being last.

*Reporter*: Kikyon
746New Cross-server Event IdeadokuSummary: Event-Idea : Battle of the Titans
GS puts once a week a fleet from Lillyan, Gruffy or Tam to the Contest for each Servergroup.
The Players in the Servergroup can volunteer on Monday to fight against this fleet.
On Tuesday to Thursday they can vote their favour Volunteer and can Place bets (in Metall max 100k per Day) on the result. (GS wins / Player Wins) with each 100k-Metall-Bet the Durability of the each ship in the Fleet will raise at 1k.
On Friday to Sunday there will be three fights. (Also further bets can be placed). The Winner of 2 Fights will be the "Titan-Player".
The Players will get a reward of 10k Crystals for each 100k metall they have bet on the "Titan-Player" ... submitted on behalf of Wolfkarst
756Entering Squad-BOSS after the 3 free attemptsdokuAfter you have Done the 3 free attempts on the Squad-BOSS, you can only reenter it, if you pay 10 Credits for another attempt. Even for a Squad-Leader it is impossible to watch the progress after the 3 attempts have been made.
A free entry would be better. (And buying another attempts is currently possible inside)

*Reporter*: wolfkarst
760Enhancement Request: Mail CSSB Participation Rewards when Obtained instead of "GET"dokuI already posted in forum long time back:

I travel a lot, and some time zones are not good for collecting the last xsb total score rewards on Sunday, just after last XSB.

The time window for collecting the best reward from Xsb is only 80 minutes long! so I have missed out on 1200 score reward more than once!

Please mail those rewards, 80 minute window is too little.
789Inter-Server-ChatdokuRewrite Proposal


Main Objectives


Allow players from Cross servers to be able to contact GameHelpers and each other by game mail.




The main proposal is for players to be able to contact GameHelpers and each other within the cross server group. This would allow players to contact GameHelpers, to give them game support, and their friends within the server and give them much needed communication between servers so players can organise their game play for cross server events.




With the extra communication players can contact GameHelpers, their friends, and team members of cross server events. This communication would enhance the role of GameHelper because more people would be able to contact them with questions and problems within the game.

Original Proposal.



It would be nice, if we can Chat in normal gameplay also between Servers.
Currently i can Chat with Players from other Servers only while i am in CSSB or 3VS3.

*Reporter*: wolfkarst
826Stormy Sector AwardsdokuThey like the idea of the event but it doesn’t run long enough for them to want to invest in it. The players asked for it to be ongoing at all times.

Another suggestion is to allow the items to carry over
825New Items in the Discount ShopdokuNew items are not obtainable by grinding or playing the game. ** THIS IS A PAY OPTION NOT A GRINDY OPTION**

After an item is released for so long, we should add a way to get obtain it from regular play. The chances do not need to be high or easy to get but there should be another way after at the very least 90 days from release.

Example: Formation Blue Prints, shards etc.
800Officer training - new featuredokuas badges for certain officers are hard to obtain without purchasing could we not have a feature where the officer could earn these...

The officer would have to be taken of the fleet... this can be for various periods i.e. 4 - 24 hours.. during this time the officer cannot be used.

Depending on the time selected would award different amounts of badges.

You would also have to donate different amounts of resources for the time slots, Metal, crystal and Syn definitely ... maybe also duet??

Revenue opportunity - They can charge creds to reduce training time... i.e 100 credits 5% reduction, 500 creds 35%, 1000 creds 85%
They could also do a special rate where you can pay to upgrade the amount of badges earned if you pay with creds.

Benefit to players - those that cannot afford to purchase the badges will be able to level up there officers over time, as they would not be able to use officer they would also have to sacrifice str whilst doing so.

I would say that they would still need to ensure that it would take time to achieve a max lvl officer, for example if the player wanted to spend boosting take 3 months, this way those that do spend would have to sacrifice an officer for this period, and also the cost of doing this would more likely be greater than the cost to purchase the badges :)

*Reporter*: Nathan - S192 - mislen
782In-game typos and grammardokuIt has come to my attention from a player on my server that the in-game typos and grammar mistakes is making it more difficult for individuals with conditions such as dyslexia to read in-game notifications, descriptions, names etc. As amusing as the typos can be for people who do not have dyslexia or other conditions that can affect the ability to process information through text, it is a problem when it causes more difficulties for individuals who are already having difficulties reading a text. The number of typos and grammatical errors in the game are too many to list apart from the known ones like for example Emeny, but one example right now is "Dicount" when looking at the information for the 4-star officer event.

I would greatly appreciate if someone working close to the developer team could take a moment or two and just proofread things in the game and correct the mistakes so that the accessibility of the game improves for people who have reading difficulties. This is especially important for descriptions of things like weapons, skills, ships and officers where understanding or not understanding the information about something directly impacts your game play.

Typos and grammar mistakes may also have a negative impact for individuals who don't speak or understand English very well and hence may need to use a translating service such as Google Translate to understand certain words and sentences properly. Star Trek Alien Domain has players from all over the world and many do not have English as their first language.


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