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911Megalith ship in Borg InvasionreyoflightThe affiliate ship Megalith will instantly kill the Borg cube regardless of Borg level, and it doesn't matter which of the fleets the Megalith is sitting on. If someone uses Megalith on any of their fleets during Borg Invasion, the Borg dies instantly and this ruins the already too infrequent event for everyone on the server, just because of ONE person using one specific ship. Something needs to be done immediately when it comes to how this one ship works on the Borg Invasion as it's not fair to anyone that just one person can ruin an event for everyone on a server, and at the same time it's not fair for people who have the Megalith ship to have to remove it from the fleet just for participating in the Borg Invasion.2019-11-11T19:38:34-08:002021-04-12T14:36:51-07:00
913top up on mini client12020-11-02T13:53:49-08:002021-03-21T11:46:26-07:00
875Worf Officer EventkikyonTO COMMUNICATION TEAM:

The event for WORF continues to reset and all relationship progress you've made with that event is reset as well. Very discouraging and way harder to get badges in an already hard to get event.
914New Hermes Ship GlitchedI am receiving reports that the new ship, Hermes, is constantly rebirthing and causing time-out battles in vs.2021-01-21T15:57:25-08:002021-03-20T03:43:08-07:00
714Torpedo UI Issue inTorpedo appears to take additional from the UI during the cooldown .. when you exit the battle it shows the correct amount but the problem is that during the fight if you use >5 torpedos then you cannot fire because the UI shows 02018-04-16T13:50:45-07:002021-03-18T05:47:03-07:00
912top up on mini clientA few years back I switched my acct from facebook to a GS server. Now, using the mini client, it is forcing me to use the old facebook server to log in. The major problem with this is if I want to do any top ups etc, I have to do it through facebook. I have ZERO faith in facebook and that is why I moved away from their servers to begin with.
If Ngames wants money, they have to rethink this. I will not be doing payments for anything through facebook.
876It has been reported that some people are possibly getting more rewards in V/B than actually earned.drisshaSometimes a V/B battle report is issuing double wins on the battle screen. It has become a concern that this is rewarding extra points for players not actually earning rewards, thus giving players more win points for totals.2019-01-17T09:24:20-08:002020-06-16T06:39:57-07:00
873Chat Entry Limitation - No visual indicatorTamlinWith the chat being so little, there is no counter to show when its full and the text box does not prevent users from entering more than they should.

After a user types their message they are often met with a "TOO LONG" message and they have to back space 1 by 1 to figure out how long it can be.

No matter the length of input allowed users should have some sort of counter of chars so they know when they hit the limit.
880In the affiliate lineup tab selection, Affiliate ship bonus is not changing when swithching between fleets.drisshaWhen you view you affiliates bonus stats assigned to the flagship, it is not changing the display to Fleets 2,3,4. It always remains on fleet 1 . The stats should change between fleets as different bonuses are applied to each fleet. You can never know what the bonus is to fleet 2,3 and 4. This is important to fleet building . It is always displaying mapping from fleet 12019-02-01T11:38:38-08:002019-05-22T00:14:09-07:00
869Battle Report Date different from Server DateBattle reports for Incursion are showing a different date to Server date, see attached image, so todays date is 8th Jan 2019 which is what server date is showing, however, open the battle report and it shows todays date as the 19th December 2018 - - any battles completed on todays date just show as a time but battles on previous days show the date the battle took place - image shows battles taken part in today as a time but battles from yesterday as a date, notice the date on the report2019-01-08T11:18:17-08:002019-05-21T06:55:21-07:00
872Make the chat character line capable of holding more charactersdrisshaIt would be a huge help would be if you could increase the number of characters we can type in chat input
It is really annoying to constantly have to delete chars because we typed too many to post.
STAD chat input allows longer lines of characters, and it would be nice to have the same amount
881Text refers to having 2x chances to reset the transition warsdrisshaIn the description rule 5. it refers to having 2x chances to reset the transition wars daily.
This is not possible as only 1 reset is made available in a 24 hr period
883Wrong text on officer card stating funtiion of abilitydrisshaThe officer card below refers to the text Intencity as part of the officers ability. There is no stat in the game that is referred to with intensity.. I believe this is a text error which would refer it to being re-named to expertise. clearly the stat as shown below lowers the EXPERTISE numbers of the ship2019-03-07T08:01:43-08:002019-05-19T23:56:17-07:00
882Strange glitching on screen every 20-20 secondsdrisshaWhen you are in your home colony screen, a strange glitch occurs every 10-20 seconds. It looks like lightning across top of screen2019-03-01T05:47:46-08:002019-05-19T23:52:01-07:00
877Text descriptions are reversed on interstellar market and interstellar trade. They need to be reverseddrisshaFunctional text descriptions are reversed on two building's .2019-01-18T09:17:24-08:002019-05-16T00:14:20-07:00
879Daily Score Shining in BountykikyonThe Daily Score button lights up as if you have something to claim during each stage of a bounty, but there is nothing to claim until you finish the bounty. Should be fixed to only shine when the bounty is completed and the 20 points are added to your score.2019-01-20T09:48:20-08:002019-05-06T14:27:20-07:00
874Squad tab issue with tax and on-line status overlappingdrisshaThe is a visual error when viewing Sqad tab members list . Text overflow is overlapping what should(i think) be a green indicator light.2019-01-13T02:40:05-08:002019-01-21T13:09:09-08:00
871SQUAD Leader TakeoverTamlinTamlin, I have a very serious issue in the game and I need your help. Our former squad leader tried to contact support but they didn't even understand the issue. So here it is:

Until today I was Vice Leader of my squad "Not Star Fleet" on FB73 / S90. It is the only active squad left on the server. Our leader "EricJH" had to be gone for several days for personal reasons. As you know, if a leader is gone for a while the leadership becomes open and available to whoever wants to buy it and that only someone with a higher contribution total can take it away from whomever bought it. Apparently the leader spot became available last night and "taz666" bought the leadership. Up to this point everything was done within the rules and there was no wrongdoing. Here is where everything went wrong. Normally, as I said before, anyone with a higher Squad contribution total than him could have taken the Leader spot from him and I had the highest contribution total of everyone in the squad. Unfortunately, the first thing that "taz666" did was kick me out of the squad since he knew I could take it from him. when I discovered what had happened this morning, I rejoined the squad.
However, my contribution total was reset to zero. No new leader should be allowed to kick anyone out during the 72 hour countdown. His actions deprived me of my chance to buy the leadership and violates what Is stated in the rules for buying the leadership. Since then, 2 other members have tried to buy the leadership. I want my contribution total restored so I can purchase the leadership. You should be able to see my total somewhere in your system. I want it restored immediately.

I know you are limited in what you can do but please get this to the one that can fix this. Thank you
718Winning Ship in new crate event gives a new starship crateTamlinIf you win a ship currently it will drop a starship crate instead of the ship.

So imagine this, buy 200 crates, open them all and win 5 ships. You will have 5 more starship crates in your inventory.

When you win it gives you a crate not the ship (possibly the wrong ID associated with a win? hard to say). No alert either.


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